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2014/15 Autumn and Winter Women Dress Pattern Fashion Trends:Classic Swirl

2014/15 Autumn and Winter Women Dress Pattern Fashion Trends:Classic Swirl

2014 spring and summer fashion show just ended ,2014/15 autumn and winter women's WOOLRICHONLINESALE Woolrich Down Vest Women Sale quickly swept, let us overwhelmed. Spent the spring and summer fashion fancy, autumn and winter bring us more of a stylish warm atmosphere.

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2014/15 autumn and Winter Women classic swirl pattern as the new season's fashion trends, and gray and black became the main color of the season. Whirlpool fashion totem in different colors cool air seemed full of modifications. Black leather texture, stylish black texture in a white light shining look vibrant, like a bright lightning through the dark sky, allowing people to "panic" extreme.

Fashion beautiful sky shine and cloud style is the top choice for the 2014/15 autumn and winter Cheap Woolrich Women Vests for Sale pattern, from a distance, like a warm family in the chimney, but also like a variety of fruit flavors of ice cream, Set sweet fashion with a peak, let 2014/15 autumn and winter ladies on fashion.

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"Pants" Type Years

"Pants" Type Years

Trouser is synonymous with chic in the women's, it gives the freedom of women is not binding on the pace and flamboyant attitude, The autumn season in cortical trousers is not out of fashion goods. Development trends to loose outline, leisure loose fitting leather Cheap Woolrich Coats Women for Sale replaced the leather leggings, narrow shape of fine rock styles and knights. Length to the length of the ankle, hip relaxed, conical contour leg was furled, pleated waist make sense is the key. Ribbed cuffs and elastic tape or rope revealed the movement breath leisure trousers. to return to the home page" href="">Please click on the link below to return to the home page.

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Soft leather or artificial leather is the most suitable material, glossy become the focus, suede material is disseminated low-key luxury. Black classic and avant-garde, gorgeous brown, rust red and light brown or dark brown fashion trends, it appears very dark green novelty.
On the loose style with leather trousers with thick knitted sweaters, presents contrasting texture, and create a mix of urban and bohemian style; crisp white shirt looks simple and elegant. Leather with leather is a key element of the season, hit the color or the same color of the leather vest, crisp box-type jackets, will highlight the unique character of the whole shape, sturdy thick with high heels and neat bags to enhance the overall shape of a handsome degree.

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Fashion Silhouette

Fashion Silhouette

When consumers do not like flashy advanced customization and too extravagant detail, WOOLRICHONLINESALE Woolrich Sweaters Women Sale the designers have started from the profile shape and silhouette to proceed and continue to meet new fun details grass is always greener consumer psychology.
Deconstruction new darling has not only become the of the new T station, exaggerated silhouette design techniques and tough it is to make everyone crazy. Asymmetric cut with a sense of the future of space in the most strong momentum swept. Wasp waist Woolrich Women Sweaters for Sale design used in the package of more than 50 years to highlight the elegant, three-dimensional shape and style let Hollywood actress who put it down. Extreme use of color, the effect is extremely tough filling material design and structure of cutting whims bring avant-garde space effect. Furthermore, the cascading effect shoulder design and  waist design of large numbers, by folds and neat tailoring to create interesting detail effect. Complex printing and Pop Art in the next still tends to spread, as the wrong effects design by designers still widely welcomed. Tough image of women become the main whims.

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