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How Should be to Choose Women Hat

How Should be to Choose Women Hat

Most beautiful girl would like to use the hat to dress themselves, a suitable hat can not only make their own become very fashionable, while hats in different seasons there are different shading and thermal effects, following on to teach you women hat should be how to choose. and you will know the answer" href="">Click this link and you will know the answer.

Choose their own color hat

Hat in the choice of colors is a great stress, skin color than white people for wearing some color slightly lighter or darker color hat. Color than black people for wearing a hat of some darker hats, gray and black is very suitable for people with darker skin color.

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Select the hat for their size

Hat size is usually marked on the label will even unmarked also explained in the description of the hat hat for head circumference. But there are some hat size can be adjusted, such as baseball caps behind hat is adjustable clockwork. Choose wool cap in the winter is particularly valued for their head size hat, large or small wool hat wearing very beautiful in terms of discomfort and no.

Choose their own material Woolrich Women Hats

For the hat material is usually determined by the season, choose the right materials hats in different seasons can play a different shade and thermal effects.

Choose their own style of hat

Hat style with costumes have a great relationship collocation, and with their age also have great relevance. Hat color choices usually with clothing color are similar, but slightly small color is also available. Younger people can choose some trendy hats, such as the popular knitted beret wool cap and dribbling the ball ear cap.

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Women Buy Scarves and Scarf with Methods

Women Buy Scarves and Scarf with Methods

Autumn and winter, no matter what type of women should purchase twelve WOOLRICHONLINESALE Cheap Woolrich Women Scarves Sale, just to keep warm, more to

promote your fashion attitude. Scarves follow the big fashion trend this year, gradually personalized,

no longer blindly follow the trend, major fashion brands have their own clear positioning. GUCCI pursuit

of low-key luxury classic LOGO long into the scarf, the pattern is very personality retro designs and

patterns Hermes is represented, is a symbol of the mysterious ancient culture, LV is the main gorgeous

and dazzling, from the classic leopard to pink skull, designers innovative have cleverly integrated into

the design.

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Scarf material articles
The material can be described as all-encompassing scarves, many of the materials in how to choose their

own material, what with the need to be carefully designed.

Classic Silk
Silk is a classic high-brightness enduring pop material, such material will highlight the gloss of the

skin, easy to bring out the taste of elegant intellectual, so when you choose the texture of silk

scarves, to consider their own skin color, skin yellowish girls, or skin drier texture girls should not

choose this primarily material.

Luxurious fur
Fur Woolrich Women Scarves is usually fixed with a leather jacket, different girls around the fur scarf have different

taste, take affinity route is recommended to choose the color of the simple beauty of color,

highlighting the lovely fresh, more personal style of the girls want to highlight is necessary to choose

natural fur, mottled uneven color is preferred.

Knitting delicate
Knitted scarf gives a very delicate sense of feeling, reminiscent of the romantic drama. Collocation,

because scarf unique texture, it is more suitable with tweed and some are not eye-catching clothes.

Style long coat is preferred, easier outstanding temperament.

Natural cotton
Textured cotton scarf revealing a strong affinity, and the texture of the skin is more pro-fenced posted

very comfortable, and then with respect is more wild type, because the material disclosed in the

starkness, very good with clothes. So anxious to go out but do not know how to choose the right Discount Woolrich Women Scarves Store Shops,

then choose the texture of cotton scarves out of it.

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How to Buy a Down Jacket?

How to Buy a Down Jacket?

Buy a down garment good and bad, both related to the vital interests of consumers, but may bring adverse effects on human health. When you purchase, you should pay particular attention to the following aspects: to find out news" href="">Click here to find out news.

Cashmere and charge cashmere : should buy for cashmere and cashmere charge containing they need. Cashmere jacket is generally 70% or more is appropriate, with a certain sense of fluffy and soft. How much charge down the amount, the extent of involving warm down jacket, dress should be determined according to their needs.

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Resilience: click the fluffy down jacket, after re-release, rapid rebound, restitution, indicating the fluffy down well.

Anti-drilling Cashmere: feather products surface materials should have anti-drilling down performance. Pat, find drill down feather products is certainly bads. Due to the characteristics of smooth feather having a small amount of hair is normal drilled from the suture.

Permeability: can not drill Cheap Woolrich Womens Arctic Parka for Sale, but has a certain permeability, such as Down's fabric, lining, gall material poor ventilation, one wearing the process of distributing the water vapor is not easy, but do not feel comfortable, do not cause moist warm. The second is difficult to dry after washing. These two factors will make the down under damp conditions deteriorate to varying degrees, foul smell.

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Smell: Smell, close down products take a deep breath, smell the smell inside, avoiding the purchase of goods pungent flavor. But because the animal feathers, a certain smell is normal.

Accessories: There are a lot of accessories, such as zippers, buckles and other metal on a down jacket to see if beautiful, smooth, elastic fit.

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moncler jackets women figures showed China feather and down industrial association

In fact,moncler jackets women padded winter clothing, such as price, and the price of cotton this year is related. It is understood that the cotton seed, mulch and fertilizer this year, all aspects of artificial price increases, combined with cotton production and farmers reluctant to, from the Simian listed so far, cotton prices rose, cotton prices from 1.Around 80,000 yuan per ton rose to more than 30,000 yuan/ton, the price of cotton cloth is a price one day, up 4 50% this year than last. Down jacket prices mainly down the price surge, with white duck down as an example, since figures showed China feather and down industrial association, 85 Yuan per kg in the same period of last year, has now risen to the price of 300 yuan per kg while the winter certainly seems to be some excuse, but older winter followed up, inevitably causing offence to some people. In a large supermarket II floor clothing counter, one accompany lover together buy down jacket of ladies refers to with a price 799 Yuan of grey down jacket said, this paragraph down jacket style very general, didn't not new, last year on see had almost of, also but 500lai block, this year suddenly will fast 800, is may is supermarket of "inventory" also followed together rose, "a clothes if to 800, a months wage buy two pieces down jacket on fast didn't has" "of does have this may", one supermarket industry persons told reporter Many clothing if you haven't sold the stock last year, often took out and sold this year, because some of the older ladies and men's down jacket in annual style changes are not great. Although a length of lower purchase price last year than this year, but this year's price and market price, but which you want to set the old "copycat", but because winter coats and other clothing belonging to market pricing, even though last year sold for a price this year sold for a price, the price is not so good "restrictions". But, if the "fiction" original price discount, but cannot come up with the "original price" transaction credentials, members of the public can complain to the price department stores down jacket is too expensive, many people turn to "cyber".

Clothes are cheaper online, reporters searched for "down" found that dozens of websites down in the majority of less than 600 Yuan, Cheap Moncler Jackets Outlet With Unique Design Are Very Durable!! over more than 500 new can get old or thin with one hundred or two hundred Yuan. But online sales need to guard against pitfalls, di of the public last year, was in line to buy a jacket specials after only less than 300 yuan. , Clothing sent sent to, only found not only version sample and online sellers boasted of inconsistent, claims of breathable "fabric", "70% white duck down" seems to also not so back thing, wear Shang not only feels not too breathable, also always drill hair, let he regret was Taobao one designed do down jacket of sellers said, online of down jacket certainly than Mall cheap many, but also has limits. He playing a analogy, 400g70% white duck down plus 5,000 level nylon fabric made of down jacket, this year cost price are to more than 350 more Yuan, plus artificial fee, and transport, costs full rose, if sold not to 400 Yuan is may will "cheats": some people won't filling so more velvet, on with thick a points of fabric to cover fill real insufficient, easy led to down jacket overall quality standard has, but warm performance is poor has; some without good of down such as miscellaneous velvet, times velvet, many fiber cotton feathers, mixed into, There are filled with the smell of down, "because different washing process, smelly down than the complete process of odor down to half. "Down the fabric also pay attention to," outer layer of waterproof and downproofness, innermost downproofness proof breathable, there is an independent liner, so fabrics also directly determines the degree of comfort. ”

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